Drawing services

  • Development of technical documentation;
  • Drawing transferring from paper to computer file;
  • Designing of details, incl. designing of profiles for stamping (aluminium);
  • Drawings for the catalogues;
  • Developing of the documentation circulation (organizing of the drawing works);

Computer typesetting
I can do all the things – from collecting materials, through their elaborating and in the end – to prepare them for printing in printing house. I can prepare matrixes for the offset printing. I can undertake typesetting of: books, papers, catalogoes, and other materials.
I’m familiarized both with office and special programmes, such as: AutoCad, DTP programmes, graphic programmes, and programmes for sale/storage systems.
I can write programmes in Delphi (Pascal), DBase (FoxBase), AutoLisp, C#, VBA.
All programmes which I developed were prepared for tasks realizing acceleration and expanding range of data easy to access inside information systems of firms. It was software solving real problems which appeared during operation of information circulation systems.
I can lead water treatment processes and sewages technology. For 10 years I had been setting new installations and did measurements on many industrial installation(heat and power plants) in Poland and abroad.